Three Ways to Grow Your Therapy or Coaching

by | 04/21

Becoming visible online is so important as far as growing your Therapy or Coaching business is concerned. One of the easiest ways to become visible online is by getting active on Facebook. Here’s why:

  • Facebook has over 2.6 billion users, that is a third of the world’s population congregated on one platform
  • Facebook has 1.7 billion active daily users, meaning your potential clients are perhaps on this platform on a daily basis
  • More than 80 million businesses use Facebook pages. This is an opportunity for you to learn what’s working for your competitors and model their success process
  • 86% of US Marketers are using Facebook Advertising. The most inexpensive way of getting your business in front of thousands of prospects is to pay Facebook to ‘contact people for you’.

There are dozens of ways to market your business on Facebook, three of which will be discussed here:

1.Create And Customise Your Facebook Fan Page Name

As a business owner, Facebook sees your fan page as your business. So, if don’t already have a fan page, it is imperative you create one without further delay.

  • Your personal account will allow only 5000 friends connection and that will limit your scope to expand
  • Personal account has friends and family members who are not necessarily your prospects
  • Personal account could be restricted by Facebook if it is used as a business platform
  • Facebook Page enables you connect and interact with people who might be interested in becoming your clients
  • You will have an opportunity to share your knowledge and expertise with audience. This is powerful in getting people know about you, your business and your ability to help them

The fan page name should have relevance to your business with the link customised so it can easily be shared with others. The name should not be very long and also memorable.

2. Create a Facebook Group & Join Others

Facebook Group is another platform and a great way of getting closer to potential buyers. Facebook brings your audience even closer to you if you are active in helping to answer other users’ questions pertaining to your field.

There are thousands of Facebook groups in your niche and it is important that you find out what the benefits are for you. Also worthy of noting will be to obey the rules of the group so there is no confrontation between you and the group administrators.

The other option is to create your own Facebook group, so that you become the leader and stir the members in the direction of your choice. Obviously to a path of win win for both parties. You’ll be able to offer your audience guidance, ideas and skills they desire to improve their lives.

There are always concerns among business owners about the possibility of giving too much information to followers for free in a group. To answer that, one of my mentors asked, ‘why do people go to see an artist in a concert when they can just bye a CD or even listen online for free?” The answer is, your implementation is the solution that people buy into. Information is everywhere on the internet, yet people still buy solutions. This is worth bearing in mind.

3. Post Relevant Content

In the therapy and coaching space, engaging or valuable content educates and motivates the reader. Not sure what types of content you can use? Here are some examples of content that you can post:

  • News about your practice or industry
  • Infographics 
  • Motivational/Inspirational Quotes
  • Upcoming events or engagements
  • Reports
  • Curated content from relevant sources
  • Images
  • Promotions or coupons
  • Videos

Where to find content is sometimes a challenge for some therapist and coaches, and indeed most small business owners. This can often leave people stuck regarding what to do, or spending lots of time creating content that might not be what their audience desire.

Examples of places to get content from:

  • Answer the public
  • Quora
  • Post Planner
  • Buzzsumo
  • Google search

Scheduling the content to be posted automatically will free your time immensely. Here are some tools to use:

  • Buffer
  • Hootsuite
  • Friends+Me
  • SocialOomph
  • TweetDeck
  • Zoho Social

Hope this makes sense for you to market your coaching or therapy business properly on Facebook.

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