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What to expect

Here’s What You’ll Learn in this One Day Workshop

Wondering how you will find the time to fulfil your social media posting and engaging?

Learn my Effective Time Management Strategies and Canva creative Techniques to enable you to take charge of your day’s activities, without falling into the rabbit hold of social media time killers.

Ready for a plan that will dissolve your overwhelm with managing your social media, and help you communicate powerfully with your followers and clients every single day?

Let me show you my Winning Social Media Strategy so that you can show up daily to serve your audience, knowing exactly what to post without any intimidation!

Ready to make a bigger impact with your online community to get new clients for your business?

Let me show you my Engaging Content Blueprint to get your online community to fall in love with the content you share and become your loyal fans. ————

Here’s what Some of Our Clients are Saying About Their Experience of Being Trained by Us

I had the privilege to be coached and work hand-in-hand with Ms Beatrice in growing the Social Media presence of Personal Success Planners Ltd. I would highly recommend working with her as she not only helps you make a significant impact and presence on social media platforms but also helps bring out the best ideas by working and collaborating with you. We grew PSP engagement by 400% in the first month and 50% in audience growth in 2months. If you are highly interested in learning more about Social Media Marketing, establishing social media presence and building your brand, then she’s definitely the one I recommend for you. Kudos to you Ms Beatrice!

Joseph Arden Valerio: Social Media Manager, PSP

Beatrice is one of the nicest most supportive people I have ever met. She's kind, patient, a good listener with a brilliant aura of happiness and wellbeing surrounding her. For the past two years, Beatrice has made me understand the value of Social Media to raise my profile and increase my business opportunities. Anyone working with Beatrice will find they have a diamond in their midst. Also, Beatrice has two totally awesome daughters Vanessa and Blessing, both of whom offer services for Website Design and Instagram growth ideas. With Beatrice as your Social Media Manager, Vanessa as your Web Designer and Blessing as your Instagram Influencer, you'll find yourself in the capable hands of The Dream Team. I'm truly grateful Beatrice x

Sylvia Milton: Psychosexual Therapist

I joined the simply family business programme to enable my family to gain skills and knowledge on making money through social media. With the training, I acquired a lot of knowledge about social media marketing and management. What I loved most about the program was the ability to identify client avatars (prospects), and to use that as my business strategy.

The two days training was great and I also enjoyed the 1:1 coaching sessions too.

The results I achieved with the program are numerous. 

First of all, the support I receive through coaching and mentoring has enabled me to develop my own coaching program to support ladies manage their weight, keep fit and live a healthy lifestyle.

I got my first client already, which is exciting. 

In addition, I learnt in-depth skills and ideas about time management, which is a tremendous help for me to do more in my day.

What I can tell you who is thinking of working with Beatrice and her daughters is that you are going to gain a wealth of knowledge, skills and great support to start your own business.

Thank you Simply family business for your support, impacting lives and changing destiny.

You are simply the best.

I have been thinking of building a business empire with my kids starting them off early. This I thought will also give them a complete mindset shift. I found Simply Family Business Coaching, run by Beatrice Yakubu and her daughters, Blessing and Vanessa Yakubu. I learnt so much from the program, including business start-up ideas, marketing on

social media as well as getting my children interested in my business.

Most importantly, I can have fun working with my children and have time and financial freedom at the same time.

My favourite part of the program was about the idea of speaking positive affirmations at all times and believing in myself and my abilities. And to also celebrate the small wins. Having a vision board as it makes a lot of difference.

I am currently learning to become a social media manager and got my first client 4 weeks into the training, and I am over the moon.
Thanks for your support Beatrice, truly appreciate it.

If you are interested in starting a business with your child, I will encourage you to get in touch with Beatrice.

She and her daughters are thorough while delivering the training, and good at breaking business concepts down into simple terms, making them quite easy to understand.
I’ll also assure you that you’re going to get great content and value for money.


-Adetola Elutilo, founder and CEO of AE Social Media

Show Up with Confidence on Social Media

We guarantee your privacy. Your information will not be shared.