Four Ways To Find Your Ideal Clients On LinkedIn

by | 04/21

LinkedIn is a great place to network with like-minded people and prospects for potential customers. There are certain fundamentals you need to do in order for your LinkedIn platform to stand the chance of attracting you potential clients.  

I’ll discuss Four in this article and the rest in a subsequent one. 

1. Your Profile Picture:  

A profile picture provides the way for your potential clients to assess who you are in person before they can make the decision of interacting with you or even booking a call. 

It is often interesting to see that some coaches and therapists do not take the importance of profile picture seriously. As social creatures, humans crave for connectivity, and the profile is the starting point.  

When someone land on your LinkedIn platform, your profile picture is one of the things that is likely to create the ‘bond’.  

A clear head shot image, with professional outfit and smile, is a great picture to use. See example on the image above. 

2. Banner 

Your LinkedIn Banner is another opportunity to showcase who you are and what you offer. 

It is unbelievable how many coaches and therapists are missing this invaluable chance to get their clients know them a little bit more.  

Here’s how to customise your LinkedIn banner: 

  • Image of you on the banner
  • If you’re a trainer, image of you in front of audience 
  • Design with your business colours 
  • Image of your book, if you’re an author 
  • Your Lead Magnet, if you have one 
  • Website or other important links 
  • Contact Information 

You can easily create one on, a free design website. If you are not familiar with canva, we provide graphic services. It can be done in day and uploaded on your LinkedIn banner. Please get in touch if this is of interest to you. 

3. Complete Your About Page  

Your about page should be completed with information so your potential clients will know about what you’ve done so far in your carrier.  

An outlined, detailed and concise history of your achievements and experiences, not just about yourselves, but how that have impacted the lives or businesses of your clients. 

It is imperative not to overlook the importance of these fundamentals with your profile page, because it assert your authority in the minds of your prospects 

Here’re few ways to optimize your profile:  

  • Write a summary that clearly explains what you do or what you’d like to do.  
  • Outline the pain points, the struggles and the concerns of your ideal clients 
  • Get them to see that you understand them, their business and their needs. 
  • Share few wins of some of your clients and ask if they want these types of wins.  
  • You do not need to mention names if confidentiality is a concern for your clients. 
  • Make it easy for people to contact you via email or LinkedIn.  
  • Be honest, be specific, and use numbers when possible.  
  • Read your profile out loud to look for typos.

4. Customize Your URL  

This may seem insignificant, but the impression that a link like” makes as opposed to “” is both subtle and substantive.  

The former looks better and suggest familiarity with the network, while the latter makes it appear that youre not familiar enough with LinkedIn to make a very easy customization.  

A non-personalized URL indicates naivety with the LinkedIn network and your potential clients can easily pick that up. A custom URL may make it easier for potential customers to remember your profile and to navigate back to your LinkedIn platform. It makes you look professional, when you’re sharing your URL with prospects. It is easier to include on your business card and other contact details. On your other social media platforms, you can easily link your customised LinkedIn URL so people can connect with you even from other platforms. 

To customise your LinkedIn URL, log into your LinkedIn account, click on your profile image. 

At the top right corner, click on ‘personlise the URL for your profile. Customise with your business name and save.  

There you have it, the four most important things to do on your LinkedIn profile in order to attract clients. There are other things to do as far as getting clients on LinkedIn is concerned. I shall cover those in a sperate article.  

Hope you enjoyed reading this article. It will be lovely to know what you think or what you’ll like to read next. So please send me a comment, to 

Beatrice x 

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