Four Ways To Build Effective Network On Social Media

by | 06/21

“Your Network is your net worth” and you’re the average of the 5 people closest to you!
So the people you follow, network with, or you associate with on social media matter as far as growing your business is concerned.
If you want to get the right people to network with, grow your business, or grow yourself as a person, you need to take these four most important steps.

1. Get The Basics Right

Ensure your social media profile is set up correctly
a. Profile Picture: Your profile image should be your own picture with a beautiful smile. People want to connect with people and the warm and lovely you appear, the more people will want to network with you.
b. Your Banner: Ensure your banner is customised with a clear statement of what you do and how you help people
d. About Page: Ensure that you describe what you do in detail so that people have a gist about your business. It gives the audience the chance to decide whether they want to associate with you or whether what you’re doing could help them.

2. Content and Engagement

Be consistent with posting on social media to get the algorithm work in your favour. Your post should also be relevant to your people, that is, educating, entertaining or encouraging.
Before sending out a post, comment on a few posts to activate the algorithm to realise that you are an engaging member. So when you send a post out, it will get a higher reach.
When a post goes out, it usually takes about 20 to 30 minutes to hit the peak of reaching out to people. You can then reply to comments thereafter, to trigger another round of engagement boost.

3. Engage With Leaders in Your Industry

You will get noticed by others in their network, with your comments. Also request them to connect with some of their followers, who are likely to be your potential clients.

4. Collaboration

Networking with people whose services compliment yours. For instance, a digital marketer networking with someone in personal development or mindset or health coaching, so that they can work together for the benefit of their audiences.

So those are the four points you need to know in order to grow your network on social media that will benefit you and your business

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