Four Reasons Why Your Business is Not All About You

by | 06/21

What does this statement mean to you?

“It is not about you, but those you serve”.

It is often said that an entrepreneur is someone who take it upon themselves to solve other people’s problems through products or service. The definition cannot be complete however, without adding ‘for a financial reward’.

That is why the above statement was a strange concept to me when I started my online business journey. My aim was to replace my income from work while having time flexibility of looking after my children. So to hear it is not about me, was confusing.

It didn’t take long before I understood the meaning of the statement. I lived a comfortable life with the wages I earned as a nurse and didn’t have to ‘rock the boat’.

Here’s is what I understood about the statement ‘those I serve’ …

1. Your Family

My Family: I started a completely different carrier because I wanted more time to be with my children, and to help my girls use social media productively. I knew little about social media then, but for some reason, the information about using social media to generate income struck a cord, the first time I heard the message.

I felt like ‘fish out of water’, because using social media was completely new to me, but for the benefits I knew was possible, I stuck to the plan

2. Connectivity

The people I met and still meet along the way brings me a lot of fulfilment as well as challenges me to continue to grow in knowledge and wisdom.

I followed a lady called Kim Garst, a great authentic online marketer whose social media post sustained and made me keep focus.

Caroline Marsh, UK’s Channel 4’s Secret Million, who has become a close friend of mine now is another amazing lady I found while watching the TV program she featured in, and then connected with her on Social Media.

3. Your Clients:

The clients I serve bring me a lot of joy, knowing that I’ve contributed to bring their businesses visibility online. Some of these clients invested a lot of money on courses and programs of ‘gurus’ without much results, in contrast to what I help them achieve.

One of these clients, Sylvia Milton (a psychotherapist for over 40 years) I’ve been working with for years now, made me realised the value of helping business owners who sometimes can feel lost in the maze of the intricacies of the social media and the digital space in general.

4. Looking To The Future

With my upcoming program, “Build Your Family Business S.I.M.P.L.Y” I can hardly wait to support parents and their children build businesses together just like I did

with my girls. I am blessed to be in a position to work on a daily bases with my teen girls, and know that this will be a dream come through for some entrepreneurial parents.

Without my children’s involvement in running my business, It would have been extremely difficult for me to complete the numerous tasks they fulfil for my clients.

The older I get in the business world, the more I realise that it was never about me, but those I serve.

Think about the ways and times your business has been ‘not about you’, and challenge yourself to list beyond four points.

So, in your day to day running of your business, always think about this statement, ‘It is not about you, but about those you serve’.

That is what makes the journey enjoyable, that is what makes you brace the storms of doubt, guilt, self-pity or even the imposter syndrome when they show up.

Thanks for reading and do remember to connect with me online, @beatriceyakubumedia, on all major social media platforms.

Beatrice x

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