Three Ways To Close Clients Online For Your Therapy & Coaching Business

by | 03/21

There is a saying that clients are the life blood of every business. This is same for your coaching and therapy business if you aim to impact more people and transform the lives of many while being paid handsomely.

There are several ways that you can effectively position yourself to consistently have a full calendar with clients who are delighted to have your help.

Here are three ways you can do that and never have to worry about where your next clients will come from.

1. Niche Down

  • ,As far as growing a business is concerned, working on a particular niche is a great way to stand out of your competition and dominate your industry.

    Unfortunately, most therapist and coaches do not take the area of niching down their businesses seriously.

    Why is it important to niche down you might wonder, after all, won’t you get more clients if you are able to provide several services?

    There is a saying in marketing that ‘the money is in the niche’ and so here’re the benefits of niching down:

    • Your potential clients will find you easily with the key words you use in your communication online.
    • You gather expertise quicker because of consistently providing similar service. Repetition is the mother of skill ‘Tony Robbins”
    • You’re known as the expert, among your competitor and with your clients
    • You get faster results for your clients potentially, and earn client loyalty

    Let’s say you need an operation to fix a broken bone, with an option to choose an orthopaedic or general surgeon. Which will be your surgeon of choice? It will be a no brainer choice to pick an orthopaedic surgeon, right?, because he/she knows more about bones than the general surgeon, isn’t it?

    Same as your clients, a Relationship coach providing service for females over 50s to find love, will certainly attract the attention of women over 50s whom she’ll absolutely love to work with.

    Examples of Niches in the Therapy & Coaching business:

    • Helping teens with eating disorders, instead of helping people with eating disorder
    • Weight management for mothers with young children, instead of weight loss coach
    • Helping Mid-age unfulfilled male professionals, instead of helping people who are unfulfilled
    • See the pattern?

2. Pay Attention To Your Website

On your website, let people know a lot more about you and how you can help them. Website is your most valuable asset as far running your business is concerned. If you have a website, congratulations! If you don’t have one, read on… Brian Dear, founder of the therapy practice management software company iCouch, says,

‘Not having a web presence in this day and age is like not being listed in the phonebook 30 years ago’. Your website is your home and provide your potential clients a sense of direction, articulate what you do and what it feels like to work with you. It is your ‘shop’ where you display your ‘wares’.

Making this a great experience for your potential clients is the great idea.

So here are some of the most important features of your website:

  • Have an explainer video where you warmly welcome visitors, introduce yourself, what you do and how you can help them.
  • Have your contact number and email address placed in several places on the website so visitors don’t miss it. Above the fold is a key area, for instance.
  • Have images of you on the website. Some therapists do not like the idea of being the face of their website, which is bizarre. If a client is to book a call with you, I believe that your image gives them a perspective of your personality.
  • Offer free consultation time, at a minimum 30mins. Again, I see some therapists and coaches offer 15mins call or none at all. 
  • Have a lead magnet: A free gift that helps people get to know you a bit more. This will help in their decision to contact you.
  • Have some testimonials if applicable. Sometimes, statements with the initials are fine if confidentiality is a concern.
  • Display your google reviews: Most of us will want to see favourable reviews first before we make a purchase online. Same as your potential clients, one of the ways they get to belief and trust you is through social proof.

3. Become Active Social Media

Social media is a powerful – and free – way to connect with prospects and attract clients online. By sharing relevant, useful and interesting posts to do with your niche you will become known and be the obvious choice when someone is ready to access counselling or coaching. 

Here’s how social media can help you get clients….

There are:

  • 4.2 billion people on social media, that is about half of the world’s population congregating in one place. Meaning your chance of connecting with people who are like minded, or potential customers, is high.
  • Facebook alone has over 2.6 billion users with 1.7 billion logging in on a daily basis.
  • LinkedIn 740 million members
  • Over one billion on Instagram
  • Twitter, 330 million

Why do you need to know these figures? To help you imagine the possibility for you to connect with people in order to grow your business.

Social Media gives you an the opportunity to meet three kinds of people who will contribute to you getting clients to grow your business.

  • Attract your ideal audience, prospects and potential clients
  • Meet other successful people in your industry and study and model what they do.
  • Meet others whose businesses complement what you do. For instance, digital marketing experts like myself, whom you can learn certain skills from, to help you market your business

What do you do on Social Media?

  • Identify your audience and choose a platform where they are
  • Create post on topic they will like to know or learn about
  • Engage with them by replying to their messages, answer their questions etc.
  • Point them to your website to read your blog post, download your free PDF or videos, and also encourage them to book a call with you.

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